Scupper Plugs

Teryair Scuppers Plugs are available in a complete range of sizes and they are used for sealing the scupper holes for spilled oil or polluted liquids. Rubber parts are made of oil resistance rubber. It conforms to IMPA code specifications. We also offer Scupper Plugs with Plastic Plates, Brass Stems or full plastic witch would have a price advantage.

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IMPA Code / Teryair Part No. Dimensions (mm)
All Brass Brass Stem Plastic Plates All Plastic Diameter Lower Plate Diameter Upper Plate Brochure
232481 232481BP 232481PP 45 65
232482 232482BP 232482PP 52 75
232483 232483BP 232483PP 65 85
232484 232484BP 232484PP 85 110
232485 232485BP 232485PP 90 115
232486 232486BP 232486PP 110 135
232487 232487BP 232487PP 135 160
232488 232488BP 232488PP 165 200


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All Brass, Brass Stem Plastic Plates, All Plastic


232481, 232482, 232483, 232484, 232485, 232486, 232487, 232488, 232481BP, 232482BP, 232483BP, 232484BP, 232485BP, 232486BP, 232487BP, 232488BP, 232481PP, 232482PP, 232483PP, 232484PP, 232485PP, 232486PP, 232487PP, 232488PP


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