Pneumatic Piston Scabbler

Pneumatic Scabbling Hammers

Teryair Pneumatic Scaling Hammers remove heavy rust and scale by the impacting action of a single reciprocatory piston. They are used where there is a need to break through heavy and stubborn layers of rust or chemical coatings.

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IMPA Code Teryair Part No. No. of Pistons Piston Dia. (mm) Stroke (mm) Free Speed (BPM) Air Inlet Air Consumption m³/min Weight (Kgs) Brochure Manual
590382 X2 1 30 15 3900 3/8″BSP 0.27 2.2  pdf-dwnld-icon  pdf-dwnld-icon
590381 1SC 1 22 15 3900 3/8″NPT 0.27 2.1  pdf-dwnld-icon  pdf-dwnld-icon
590383 3SC 1 22 10 3200 3/8″NPT 0.20 3.2 pdf-dwnld-icon pdf-dwnld-icon


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590382, 590383


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